Clio Lang

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a poem

A Bello,

several of them,

changing areas to define frequencies necessary for growth

poetry didn't save us

He is a loop-withered down, coastal, quantum-

tours of bleak treasure

We used to be protected-

like salted circles with words

His bipolarity- separated us

He liked being distant from me

now I'm engulfed- finely thinned

Cant wait for minus fifteen pounds-

I`d get to disappear this time.

All that weight!

They are ghosts

They were lies

secrets, old voices


she is dying


she is crying

old slut bags and designer words only covered me up so long

with fancy vocabulary

Stage performances? Yes, I swung my hips.

See? They judge-

judge the girl with scar tissue on her skull

these holes are patches now

don't throw me away.

Copyright © 2021 Clio Lang |All Rights Reserved.



another love poem

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There are deserts between us

but I could still hear him

Vignette in my head-

we`re awake

still sleeping with the spirit of my exs`-

The space is in us,

no need to go see the moon when all I`m suited in sand

I just want to be your drug.

Copyright © 2021 Clio Lang |All Rights Reserved.



Clio Lang

Clio Lang

Author of “No One`s Daughter” |Bachelor`s Degree in Psychology| Brain Surgery Survivor| “Art Saves”| Renaissance Woman|#hydrocephalus #findacure